10 February 2016
 Dent de Lion, Garlinge, Daundelyon Court, Dandelion Minimize  
Fortified Manor - Dent de Lion, Garlinge, Daundelyon Court, Dandelion (viewed 0 times)
Longitude: 1.349731 - Latitude: 51.3777 - GridRef: TR 3321 6962
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Medieval fortified manor house. Scheduled Monument. Monument Number 469147. Grade II Listed Building.

*                                  Medieval fortified manor house, square with square turrets.

*                                  Gatehouse defended by round gunports and loops for hand guns or


*                                  Carts of smuggled corn were driven through the gatehouse.

1272-1307                   Held by the family of Dandeleon or Daundelynn.

1379                            Held by William Daundelynn.

1399-1413                   During: Held by John Dandelyon (1).

1445                            John Dandelyon (2) died and his daughter inherited. She had

                                    married a man called Pettit and they held the site jointly.

*                                  Held by John Pettit, son of the above.

15th C                          Gatehouse.

1661                            Capt. John Pettit died and left it to his five sons. They sold it to

                                    Henry Fox, Lord Holland.

*                                  Henry Fox, Lord Holland conveyed it to the Hon. Charles James

                                    Fox, his second son.

*                                  James Fox left it in his will to John Powell, Esq..

*                                  John Powell died without issue and it passed to his sister, wife of

                                    William Roberts Esq.

1703                            Large room discovered with urns of earth and glass.

1847                            Name changed to Dandelion.

1963                            Field Investigation.

1987                            Scheduled.

1998                            Scheduled.

21st C                         Beginning: Only the gatehouse remains.


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