11 February 2016
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Longitude: -3.557178 - Latitude: 51.04277 - GridRef: SS 9093 2820
County: Somerset Tel: Email: www:

Iron Age univallate hill fort. Scheduled Monument.

*                                   Irregular oval shaped Iron Age univallate hill fort measuring 720ft by 300ft, defended by a bank and ditch, the bank measuring 10ft wide and 6ft high, standing 6.5ft outside of the ditch and the ditch measuring 18ft wide. There is a possible entrance to the north east and the site is mainly covered in wood.

*                                   Mostly ploughed out.

1964                             Aerial photograph.

1965                             Field Investigation.

1989                             Aerial photograph.

1997                             Field Investigation.

1998                             Aerial photograph.

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